Divinity – Original Sin 2: Progress Log #2

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Okay, I’m finally comfortable enough with the controls to be able to say that holding control and clicking causes characters to attack without needing to go through the menu. Playing is still fraught with awkwardness (it’s especially hard to move things around without accidentally hitting someone and initiating combat), but things are definitely going much smoother now than when I first started playing.

I lost my pretty necklace

The game starts with your playable character (and potential allies) wearing a Source-inhibiting collar, with Source being magic, basically. Or super-magic, to be more precise, because you can absolutely wander around shooting fireballs and making it rain. The collars don’t inhibit your characters’ skills, which for magic-types include things like elemental spells, but instead specific Source abilities. Sebille’s special Source ability isn’t very impressive, though. It was still worth it to get her collar removed so that she could equip necklaces in that slot (still figuring out how to get the collars off of the others), but I don’t anticipate leaning on Source magic.

Since the first town is a kind of prison for those with Source magic in them, guards will freak out if they see one of your characters without their Source-inhibiting necklace. Thus far I’ve been content to kill them, but getting thrown into jail is apparently also an option. I broke open most of the doors in the prison while exploring (and looting—mostly looting, to be honest), but there was an unbreakable one down there, and I just know that’s the cell Sebille would end up in.

I’ve stolen so much stuff

Things have gone kind of out of control. I played hide and seek with a little kid, but after catching him a couple times, he introduced me to his friend. That friend turned out to be a cursed knight, and he tasked me with finding some object holding his soul and destroying it so that he could be free. That object was supposedly in the prison, so he gave me a secret way in. While looking around for that (and I still haven’t found it), I wandered upstairs and realized that I was in the domain of the guards. Obviously I had to rob them. I even managed to pickpocket High Judge Orivand, who sounds important. Pretty brazen and ridiculous, and lots of fun.

I stole so much stuff that I had to run back and sell a lot of it off just to avoid going over the carry weight, and I figured that I might as well see what else I could steal elsewhere. To those ends, I wandered around and pickpocketed pretty much everyone who was isolated enough for it to be safe. I got rid of one ally and replaced him with a new one better at thievery, and the way we operate is to distract the mark by having one character engage them in conversation, then have the thief sneak up behind them and snatch anything valuable. Then she runs off (while unchained from the group) and hides until the mark realizes they’ve been stolen from, at which point they confront the rest of the group and demand to check their belongings for the stolen goods. We acquiesce, they find nothing, and the thief rejoins the group.

Then I stumbled on a group that this didn’t work on. When they stopped the diversion group to check their belongings, they found evidence of another crime (Sebille’s inventory is a mess, but I’m pretty sure I had stolen items that previous marks ignored since they didn’t belong to them) and got all upset about it. That’s just the beginning of the trouble: after confronting one group, these marks wander around looking for someone else to confront. That means that the thief (and Sebille) have to run out of the room for awhile until they settle back in. The whole thing is a bit roundabout and the items aren’t worth the trouble, but it’s still fun.

There’s been some crashing, though

Figuring out how to get away with stealing required a lot of trial and error, which meant quicksaving and then loading those quicksaves as soon as things went south. I’ve started to notice that when I load them too often without allowing a certain amount of time to pass between them (I’d guess a minute or so), the game has a tendency to crash. Not always, but definitely often enough to get irritating.

I had another bug, too

There’s this elf guy who I went through this whole long thing to free from a cell, only for him to wander off back to the person who sent me to save him. Then I ran to her and she talked about how she could feel that he was on his way. Thing is, I gave him a lot of time to get there, so him still being on his way was really suspicious.

I went out to look for him and soon found him nearby, but he was walking the other direction and couldn’t be spoken to. I figured I needed to heal him or something, but he wandered all the way back to the cage he was in, then had a conversation like the person who sent me to save him was right there in front of the cage. Then I went back and she acted like they had spoken. The whole thing was seriously weird.

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