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Obviously this privacy policy only pertains to and stuff on it.

So here’s the deal: I use Google Analytics and Google Adsense. Basically everything on the internet does, and Google is one of the most trusted places on the internet. There are also some Amazon ads that I might start phasing back in here and there. That being said, I have no idea what any of these companies actually do. I’m sure they track you with cookies so that they can tell me how many people visited and all of that stuff, but beyond that?

Having said that, I’m sure it’s nothing personal.

I mean, they’re running bazillion-dollar companies. They probably have better things to do than spy on you, like skinny dipping in piles of money with models and getting hammered with famous people.

The whole thing comes down to this: unless Google enacts some kind of evil plan to take over the world and enslave humanity by suddenly turning profitable services into computer-controlling malware, this site will remain one of the safest places on the internet. I avoid bogging down the site with too many ads, compress images so pages load faster, and generally do everything I can think of to make things convenient, safe, and unobtrusive.

This privacy policy was last edited on September 7th, 2017. It was an especially chaotic Thursday.

Anyone looking to get into contact with me should email the following address, though it’s worth keeping in mind that I reserve the right to post anything sent to me (and any subsequent response/s) openly for the sake of transparency should doing so ever become necessary.

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