Metal Gear Solid Review

Metal Gear Solid for the original Playstation is a bittersweet experience. On one hand, it’s an incredible game. On the other hand, Hideo Kojima destroyed the franchise so badly with his rampant fan service later on in the series that much of the story feels absolutely meaningless. Read more →

Kagero: Deception II Review

Killing humans is hard work. Millennia would know—she kills a lot of them. Men, women, children… all fall before her mighty traps. That’s right, traps. She doesn’t fight anyone directly, instead using a series of unnecessarily elaborate traps that would make even the most eccentric of villains blush. If you had to choose between killing innocents with a sword, killing innocents with magic, or killing innocents by erupting a giant foot from a wall, knocking your prey into the path of a giant spiked boulder, which would you choose? If you said the last one, then this is definitely the game for you. Read more →

Final Fantasy 8 Review

Deep down inside, I really want to systematically smother the population of the world to death with a pillow. A little deeper, though, is a part of me that loves love stories, and that’s exactly why I’ve beaten this game over a dozen times. In fact, I’ve probably played through this game in its entirety more than 50 times over the years, sometimes beginning a new playthrough immediately after finishing. There’s something about the balance that Final Fantasy 8 strikes between the old and new that I find intoxicating. Read more →

Chrono Cross Review

Colors have a hard life. Too many, arranged haphazardly, end up strongly resembling the gay pride flag. Then the awkward phone calls begin as you try to explain that you simply love hues, which sounds conspicuously like “Hugh” over the phone. Long story short, it becomes an ordeal. Read more →

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