Final Fantasy 4 Review

Final Fantasy IV, the second Final Fantasy game released in North America, was originally released in NA under the title “Final Fantasy II” in what can only be described as a bout of hilarious shortsightedness. Fortunately, this number confusion has been somewhat allayed by a number of ports and remakes that call it by its real name, and few games deserve that level of endless attention showered on them more than this one. That’s not to say that it’s perfect, but it comes surprisingly close, especially given the fact that it originally came out on the Super Nintendo in 1991. Read more →

Jade Cocoon Review

RPGs for the Playstation 1 were often groundbreaking, or at the very least unique and interesting. While Jade Cocoon is certainly interesting and different from other games, it’s hard to tell whether or not that’s always to its benefit. Some will discover this game for the first time and squeal with unmitigated glee, while others will consider some of the themes and mechanics too abstract and frustrating to be compelling. Read more →

Tales of Destiny Review

Playing Tales of Destiny for the Playstation 1 is a lot like eating a sandwich from a shady stranger on the subway: The first few bites are so delicious that choirs of angels sing as you chew, but then you bite down on a razor blade and it completely ruins your day. Many flawed games, especially those for the PS1, have redeeming qualities that make them ultimately worthwhile. This game is simply too full of razor blades for that to be possible. Read more →

Grandia Review

Oh, Grandia… why do I love you so? Much of your voice acting is atrocious and a fair portion of your story is outright sappy—serious deal-breakers for me—and yet you’re one of the few games I can make an exception for. Read more →

Bushido Blade Review

Bushido. An honor system devised by cowards who were upset because they kept getting stabbed in the back. Do you have it in you to be true to the code? You’d better, because otherwise you’ll never progress in this game. This is one of the best fighting games out there, and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever played. Read more →

Parasite Eve Review

I’m no good at dodging attacks in real-time, dealing with emo characters, or suspending disbelief. It’s unfortunate, because Parasite Eve requires a little bit of each. Still, the game is enjoyable on many levels, and there’s a very specific kind of gamer who will start up this game and feel like a kid in a candy shop. Read more →

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