Deception 3: Dark Delusion Review

Part of what made Kagero: Deception 2 so much fun was that you were the bad guy (or girl, to be more accurate). There was just something about killing a bunch of innocent village simpletons that felt so right. Deception 3 is every bit as full of mindless slaying as its predecessor, but this time you’re… *gag*… not an evil character. That’s relatively speaking, of course; it could be argued that you slay a few innocents here and there depending on your definition of “innocent.” When it comes down to it, however, you’re usually protecting yourself and others when you kill in this game. It’s no less fun to string together trap combos to elaborately murder your enemies, but it’s also obvious throughout that Deception’s unique evil element is largely missing. Read more →

Final Fantasy 9 Review

After Final Fantasy 8 moved the game series in a more serious and realistic direction (at least as far as character design goes), Square got back to its roots with a love letter to what made it so great to begin with. This is really both its greatest virtue and biggest flaw; by going the more traditional route and thus retreading ground, it makes certain elements of the game as comfortable as they are stale. It’s a double-edged sword in this regard, and how you as a gamer respond to it depends entirely on your history with the series. Read more →

The Legend of Dragoon Review

The Playstation 1 is quite possibly the greatest console in terms of role-playing games; you have your Final Fantasy, Grandia, Chrono Cross, and a number of other innovative games in the genre that, at the time of their release, pushed the boundaries of console RPGs. The Legend of Dragoon may not be as innovative as any of those titles, but it borrows many of the elements introduced in other games, throwing them into a blender and making a “great Playstation RPG” smoothie that’s hard to resist. Mmm, frothy. Read more →

Xenogears Review

Some people love Xenogears. Some people murder other people with axes. The point is that there’s a lot of subjectivity in the world when it comes to what is and isn’t good, so what follows is probably going to be an opinion that not all people share: I don’t find Xenogears to be a good game. At least not overall. I can recognize how incredible it could have been—the characters are interesting, the story is insane and deep, and a huge amount of the game just “clicks” the way the best old-time jRPGs did. That being said, it’s a great example of the damage monotony and bad pacing can do to an entire game. Read more →

Chrono Trigger Review

This is the game with the story and the art style and the music. Read more →

Legend of Legaia Review

Legend of Legaia is a game that I went into with some skepticism, mostly due to my love-hate relationship with JRPG games. My opinions of JRPG games tend to be extreme, bordering between mouth-frothing psychosis that makes me want to burn down an orphanage and the kind of fanatical love that also turns into violence when people don’t share my opinion. Basically, the genre makes me hurt people. Read more →

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