Arma Gold Review

Arma is an experience that teeters somewhere between gleeful joy and nail-biting, toaster-throwing frustration. If you can’t handle being shot in the head repeatedly as you load and reload a save, trying to get through a single realistic mission while occasionally looking up at heaven and thanking every deity with a name that you never enrolled in the military given your obvious bullet magnetism, then this game probably isn’t your cup of tea. If, however, you’re willing to fight through all of that in order to experience the rush (and there’s no other way to describe it) of taking out an entire camp of soldiers in the dead of night and surviving against all odds—several deaths and reloads aside—then this game will undoubtedly be your everything. It may be more likely to explode you with a tank than it is to hold your hand, but there’s no denying that overcoming its punishing difficulty is a lot of fun in the end. Read more →

Saints Row The Third Review

There’s something to be said for insanity. For every person who leads a safe, sane life that makes perfect sense, there’s another who’s shotgunning Jagermeister and setting themselves on fire for fun, somehow having the time of their life in the process. Saints Row 3 will definitely appeal more to the latter than the former, because this game is absolutely insane. Read more →

Soldier of Fortune Review

The original Soldier of Fortune hasn’t aged well. Some games become better with time, remaining fun to play no matter how dated their mechanics and graphics become, but others age as though they get beaten with the ugly stick on a yearly basis. This is closer to the latter, though it’d be a lie to say that it’s entirely unworthy of your time. Read more →

The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition Review

The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition is a rough-cut diamond—captivatingly beautiful, but so unpredictably pain-inducing at times that some will lament that very beauty. Many of its facets are spit-shined to a kind of perfection few in gaming history have managed, but others are so unpolished and broken that they’ll drive you to madness (and profanity-laced rants that conjugate four-letter words in ways they were never meant to be conjugated). The net result of all of this is that the quality of the game varies wildly throughout, constantly teetering between perfection and frustration like some kind of demonic gaming see-saw. What you look for and expect to get out of the games you play will be the determining factors that dictate which end of that see-saw you’ll be faced with once all is said and done. Read more →

Skyrim Review

There’s one thing I ask of games, and that’s to immerse me in another world. What is immersion, though? It varies from person to person, and where you personally draw that line will determine how you view a game like Skyrim. Read more →

Crysis Review

Crysis is one of the best first-person shooters available, and though you don’t have to go far to hear people praising the many things that it does, I’m far more impressed by what it doesn’t do. Read more →

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