Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

Deus Ex: Human Revolution had the odds stacked against it upon release; after the lackluster second game failed to live up to the original Deus Ex, all attention was focused squarely on the third game. It more or less delivers a worthwhile experience, but at the same time suffers from a number of flaws ranging from nagging irritations to tidal-wave-drowning-your-loved-ones levels of grief, depending on a number of factors. Read more →

Mass Effect 2 Review

The picture accompanying this review is probably the best representation of Mass Effect 2 possible. In it, you have everything that defines the game: Sideways lens flares, insane contrast with blown-out blacks that would make even a novice photographer wince, and raw emotion. Of course, by “raw emotion,” what I really mean is “unintentionally hilarious attempts to convey emotion through awkward, scrunched-up faces.” It’s a beautiful thing. Only not. Read more →

Alpha Protocol Review

There are a lot of games that are genuinely bad. Every so often, however, a genuinely good game will get mistakenly lumped into that group of bad games. Sometimes it’s bad timing. Sometimes a rough beginning frustrates fans, who then warn others without the prerequisite knowledge to actually have an informed opinion. Sometimes developers simply forget to appease the volcano god. Whatever the reason, the third-person-shooter-slash-RPG Alpha Protocol is considered by many to be a bad game, and has been largely passed on by those who don’t know better. Sadly for those who missed it, it happens to be one of the best games to be released in a long time. Read more →

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Review

No game encapsulates the wildly different ways gamers can look at a game quite like Oblivion; when it was released, there were plenty of those who saw it as a downgrade from Morrowind, while you had gamers such as myself who, having relatively little gaming experience at the time, ate it up like it was the greatest thing ever released. Having played legitimately good games since, going back to this game felt a bit like taking a power tool to the forehead. That being said, it’s still better than Skyrim. Read more →

Divine Divinity Review

Divine Divinity is one of those games that you can’t help but simultaneously love and hate. It’s completely bipolar, unique and refreshing in certain ways while managing to also be totally bland and frustrating in other ways; for every amazing thing you find, there’s a bug or weird balance problem or miscellaneous problem/bad design decision that balances it out. If Divine Divinity was a person, they’d have one angel wing, one devil wing, and would be chopping up one of your parents in order to use their kidneys to save your other parent. I mean, even after finishing the game, I had no idea whether I loved it or hated it. Still don’t. Read more →

Darksiders Review

What do you get when you mix Zelda and God of War? Banal, overacted garbage that takes itself too seriously while failing to deliver even the smallest amount of fun. This is quite possibly one of the most derivative, overrated games ever made. Unoriginality isn’t its only flaw, though: The story is ridiculous and a huge waste of potential, the controls are absolutely worthless, the PC version of the game is so lacking in every way that I would actually be surprised if they put any work into it, and from beginning to end, the whole thing is filled with meaningless fluff. Read more →

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