Madcap Castle Review

Madcap Castle is an action-puzzle-platformer for the PC that masquerades as an old Game Boy game. That retro devotion extends far beyond mere aesthetics, too, as this is the kind of game that embodies the same “what the hell was that”-ery that plagued many of the action-centric games on the system. By the time you reach the final 150th stage, you’ll have died thousands of times, and not all of those deaths will be your fault. Again, this is typical of a Game Boy game, but misleading hit boxes and miscellaneous eccentricities that cause you to instantly die minutes into a tedious level are the type of cheap difficulty best left in the past, and this cheapness has a way of overshadowing all of the good things Madcap Castle does. Read more →

Skyrim Review

There’s one thing I ask of games, and that’s to immerse me in another world. What is immersion, though? It varies from person to person, and where you personally draw that line will determine how you view a game like Skyrim. Read more →

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