Radiant Historia Review

Radiant Historia is a game that effortlessly blends its own unique style into what you’d expect from a JRPG. There are the anime-looking characters and members of royalty tasked with saving the world, along with everything else that’s pretty much a given in the genre, but interwoven with these familiar tropes is a story that’s anything but expected. This is basically what you’d get if you threw a ton of old RPGs into a blender, added in time travel, then poured the mixture into a Nintendo DS. Frothy JRPG goodness. Read more →

Chrono Trigger Review

This is the game with the story and the art style and the music. Read more →

Final Fantasy 4 Review

Final Fantasy IV, the second Final Fantasy game released in North America, was originally released in NA under the title “Final Fantasy II” in what can only be described as a bout of hilarious shortsightedness. Fortunately, this number confusion has been somewhat allayed by a number of ports and remakes that call it by its real name, and few games deserve that level of endless attention showered on them more than this one. That’s not to say that it’s perfect, but it comes surprisingly close, especially given the fact that it originally came out on the Super Nintendo in 1991. Read more →

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Review

It goes down a little something like this: a scene unfolds, during which you, the player, supposedly witness the moment of murder. It’s always murder, by the way. Every case ends up being a murder trial because the world of Phoenix Wright is apparently populated by sociopaths, all of whom possess a penchant for extensive cover-ups to match their outrageously manic-depressive tendencies. Anyway, whatever your preconceptions are from the scene you’re shown, forget them. What you see is never the real story. Read more →

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Review

Let’s get something straight: I have a love for Fire Emblem games that borders on the absurd at times. Read more →

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