Spider-Man Review

Superhero games used to have a proud (slash-shameful) tradition of badness, from the notoriously atrocious Superman 64 to a whole slew of Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man side-scrollers that were nothing short of disastrous. By the turn of the millennium, it was considered common knowledge that an enjoyable superhero game would never be produced. However, Neversoft (of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater fame) somehow managed to cobble together an enjoyable mixture of elements in 2000’s Spider-Man, succeeding where so many others had failed and paving the way for other excellent superhero games. Read more →

MegaMan Legends Review

MegaMan Legends (and the nearly identical N64 port, MegaMan 64) is hilariously unappreciated, and there’s really no realistic reason for it to have gotten any less attention or respect than many modern games get. Maybe it was a failure of marketing, or a problem of unmet expectations arising from the many differences between Legends and other Mega Man games. Maybe those who dislike the game are part of a worldwide conspiracy to smother genuinely good games with a pillow of bad reviews in order to reduce all of gaming to cheap Call of Duty knockoffs. Given the amount of unmitigated garbage that’s praised these days by paid-off reviewers and fans whose tongues are stained by shamelessly drinking the Kool-Aid, it’s amazing that a truly unique game like Legends has more or less slipped through the cracks and been lost to history. It deserves better. Read more →

Jet Force Gemini Review

In my Riddick review, I mentioned that it was the first game I reviewed that I didn’t actually finish. This is the second such review, though the reason why I failed to finish Jet Force Gemini is totally different and way more friendly. See, unlike Riddick, Jet Force Gemini is actually a good game. You may be asking why I failed to finish this game if it’s so good. The answer is that I’m a sociopath. Read more →

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Review

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is most likely the best Zelda game ever made. In fact, Majora’s Mask may even be one of the best games ever made period, yet it lingers in relative obscurity, hidden in Ocarina of Time’s shadow. This is a very, very sad thing, because it’s easily the better game of the two; for every heartfelt moment, clever gameplay mechanic, and memorable song in Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask has an equivalent that makes Ocarina look bad by way of comparison. In addition, the number of dungeons has been scaled back to four (and they’ve been designed to be more unique and involved), with the rest of the gameplay taking place in towns and around the world. This keeps the game from feeling claustrophobic and dungeon-centric like Ocarina tended to be at times, all while allowing it to retain the positives that those dungeons contributed. As a result, the game world in Majora’s Mask feels much more alive and personal than in most Zelda games, more “Lost Woods and Saria” than it is “Water Temple and tedium.” Read more →

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Review

I’m going to say something controversial—The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time isn’t the greatest Zelda game ever made. In fact, it’s not even the greatest Zelda game on the Nintendo 64, an honor that I’d have to give to Majora’s Mask. Still, OoT is probably the most beloved entry in the entire series, and with good reason. Even if it’s technically not the best Zelda game ever, it’s still one of the best games ever made. From beginning to end, it’s full of unforgettable moments that are all but burned on the collective gamer subconscious. It’s also got some tentacle monster stuff, just in case you’ve forgotten that we’re dealing with a Japanese game. I love how willing people are to play into stereotypes. Read more →

1080 Snowboarding Review

Snowboarding is one of the many methods fate has used in her never-ending quest to ultimately murder me. Given such a checkered history between the two of us, I was forced to get my lust for frostbite and blinding amounts of the color white out of my system through alternate, less hazardous means. Ten-Eighty Snowboarding is my go-to cure for when the desire to hurdle myself down a mountain strikes, which is only slightly less frequently than when the desire to throw other people down a mountain strikes. Read more →

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