Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare in North Point (DLC) Review

Nightmare in North Point is one of Sleeping Dogs’ “story” DLCs, though it has absolutely nothing to do with the main story aside from some of the villains from the main game making appearances as ghosts. Basically, Shen and Not Ping are out on a movie date when legions of ghosts decide to pop up, led by an incompetent former gangster who wears a cat mask. From there, it manages to take this weirdly amusing setup and make it tedious and boring, and you’ll undoubtedly be glad that it’s as short as it is.

About DLCs

I don’t have a problem with DLC so much as I have a problem with worthless DLC. Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s The Missing Link DLC, for example, was a great addition to the main game because it addressed many problems that the main game faced while making sense in the timeline. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, on the other hand, introduced players to an entirely new main character and world, and by removing all of the familiar elements rather than trying to shoehorn them into the DLC’s hilariously twisted story, it actually managed to have a life of its own and be surprisingly amusing without the gravity of the main game bringing it down.

Nightmare in North Point is neither of those things; while it tries to achieve the same kind of weirdness and humor that Blood Dragon succeeded at, the use of characters from the main game fails on every level because of your pre-existing relationships to them. You can’t suddenly forget that a character killed all those people you liked and have them used as a punchline, so the only characters who have a chance of being humorous are the new ones.

Smiley Cat is a worthless enemy

There’s really only one new character, though, and that’s the main enemy, a bumbling gangster whose only joke revolves around his failed attempts to get people to call him by his real name (Big Scar Wu) instead of “Smiley Cat.” Beyond that, his only role is to throw random hoardes of possessed/ghostly enemies against you and say mean things. He’s absolutely worthless as a character.

Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare in North Point

This DLC is pretty much phoned in.

All the tedium, none of the story

Sleeping Dogs suffered from several problems, such as its tendency to pad things out with random chase sequences that you can’t “win,” even if you manage to get ahead of the person you’re chasing. Guess what? Nightmare in North Point focuses on everything that sucked about Sleeping Dogs without including any of its redeeming qualities (like the story), meaning that you not only have to go through more meaningless chase sequences, but also fight through waves of identical enemies. In fact, the entirety of this DLC can be summed up in a single word: fluff.

It has none of what you want

All of Nightmare in North Point’s flaws could be forgiven, of course, if some of the likable characters who died in Sleeping Dogs’ main story made a return (if only to lessen the tragedy of their deaths somewhat). None of them ever do. In fact, the only “good” character who returns is Vincent, and he’s such a pointless character that I didn’t even remember who he was at first.


The world is coated in blues and purples throughout the entire DLC, with everyone’s eyes glowing. While it’s an interesting effect at first, it becomes fatiguing and ends up being yet another reason why it’s a good thing that Nightmare in North Point is as short as it is.


I don’t think there’s any new music in the entire DLC. If there is, it’s so unassuming that I didn’t manage to notice it, because the only music I heard was the licensed stuff from the main game that played as I drove around, and it’s not a stretch to say that this undercut the atmosphere of the entire thing.

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Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare in North Point

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Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare in North PointSleeping Dogs: Nightmare in North PointSleeping Dogs: Nightmare in North PointSleeping Dogs: Nightmare in North PointSleeping Dogs: Nightmare in North PointSleeping Dogs: Nightmare in North PointSleeping Dogs: Nightmare in North PointSleeping Dogs: Nightmare in North Point


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