Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Review

Let’s get something straight: I have a love for Fire Emblem games that borders on the absurd at times. Read more →

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Review

This review covers both the original and DX versions of Link’s Awakening, since they’re virtually identical save for a few bonus things in the latter and its inability to use the skip screens cheat. There are also an insane amount of spoilers ahead, just in case you’re worried about the having the plot to a 1993 game spoiled. Read more →

Breath of Fire 2 Review

Breath of Fire 2 improves upon the formula of its predecessor, weaving a fairly surprising story into a world that feels much more alive. Not only that, but the evil forces at work have learned that omitting punctuation is genuinely frightening. I know I cringe whenever I fail to see a sentence ended with a period. Evil cares not for grammar. Read more →

Mass Effect Review

Mass Effect is one of those great games that managed to come before the decline of Bioware. In fact, this game pretty much came as they started to slip into their predictable, trite, money-grubbing ways. It’s really a miracle that this game was saved from all that. Read more →

Skies of Arcadia Review

JRPGs are really a tale of two cities. In one city, a bunch of witty, genuinely enjoyable games sit patiently, just waiting to be loved. In the other city, the games are filled with so many cliches and obnoxious caricatures that they’re looting and wrecking up the place. Skies of Arcadia for the Dreamcast is very much the latter. Read more →

Chrono Cross Review

Colors have a hard life. Too many, arranged haphazardly, end up strongly resembling the gay pride flag. Then the awkward phone calls begin as you try to explain that you simply love hues, which sounds conspicuously like “Hugh” over the phone. Long story short, it becomes an ordeal. Read more →

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