Lufia: The Legend Returns Review

Lufia: The Legend Returns is basically Lufia 3. It’s also a Game Boy Color game, despite the previous two being on the Super Nintendo, which means that it has about as much “Lufia” in it as fast food has actual food. You bite into this game expecting some delicious Lufia, and *boom,* you get hit with filler and artificial garbage. It’s too bad, because the series seriously deserved better. Read more →

Sonic 2 Review

Sonic 2 is one of those rare games that come around once in a generation and define it. Sometimes twice in a generation, if it’s in the mood. Point is, games like this are rare. Read more →

Soul Calibur Review

The Sega Dreamcast is a prime example of the world simply being blind to greatness. To my everlasting shame, I, too, failed to give this system a try until it was too late. In fact, I didn’t buy a Dreamcast until a year or so into the Xbox 360/PS3/Wii generation. Oh, how quickly I learned the error of my ways. Soul Calibur was the second game I experienced on this system, and it still rests in my Dreamcast to this day. Read more →

Earthbound Review

Earthbound: You beat crazed hippies to death with a baseball bat, chase ghosts out of tunnels with blues music, and stop by a department shop for cold medicine on the way. Read more →

Velvet Assassin Review

Many games take place during World War II, but they often trivialize and downplay the disturbing nature of what was taking place to make themselves more palatable to large audiences. The end result is that Nazis seem comical and non-threatening. This isn’t one of those games. Read more →

Kagero: Deception II Review

Killing humans is hard work. Millennia would know—she kills a lot of them. Men, women, children… all fall before her mighty traps. That’s right, traps. She doesn’t fight anyone directly, instead using a series of unnecessarily elaborate traps that would make even the most eccentric of villains blush. If you had to choose between killing innocents with a sword, killing innocents with magic, or killing innocents by erupting a giant foot from a wall, knocking your prey into the path of a giant spiked boulder, which would you choose? If you said the last one, then this is definitely the game for you. Read more →

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