Velvet Assassin Review

Many games take place during World War II, but they often trivialize and downplay the disturbing nature of what was taking place to make themselves more palatable to large audiences. The end result is that Nazis seem comical and non-threatening. This isn’t one of those games. Read more →

Kagero: Deception II Review

Killing humans is hard work. Millennia would know—she kills a lot of them. Men, women, children… all fall before her mighty traps. That’s right, traps. She doesn’t fight anyone directly, instead using a series of unnecessarily elaborate traps that would make even the most eccentric of villains blush. If you had to choose between killing innocents with a sword, killing innocents with magic, or killing innocents by erupting a giant foot from a wall, knocking your prey into the path of a giant spiked boulder, which would you choose? If you said the last one, then this is definitely the game for you. Read more →

Snatcher Review

Snatcher is early Hideo Kojima work, only available in English on the Sega CD, and it’s weird. So cyberpunk, but so weird. You could pretty much cover this game in honey, glitter, and ants and it wouldn’t be any weirder than it already is. As a brief overview of the plot, there are robots known as snatchers who murder people and then take on their appearance. You’re a Junker, which means your job is to hunt these things down and kill them while trying to piece together the reasons behind why they do what they do. This is difficult because their disguises are so complete that it’s virtually impossible to differentiate between a human and a snatcher. Read more →

Grandia 2 Review

I hate bad voice acting. Grandia 2 has bad voice acting. I love Grandia 2. It may defy logic, but I do believe that voice acting can become so bad that it circles around again and becomes campy and wonderful. If you played the first Grandia game, you’ve probably already experienced this effect. Read more →

Final Fantasy 6 Review

Final Fantasy 6 is one of the games that destroyed my life. Whereas I was on track to be a productive member of society, this game became such an obsession that I neglected schoolwork growing up. It’s amayzing I turnd out soh smart, rilly. Read more →

1080 Snowboarding Review

Snowboarding is one of the many methods fate has used in her never-ending quest to ultimately murder me. Given such a checkered history between the two of us, I was forced to get my lust for frostbite and blinding amounts of the color white out of my system through alternate, less hazardous means. Ten-Eighty Snowboarding is my go-to cure for when the desire to hurdle myself down a mountain strikes, which is only slightly less frequently than when the desire to throw other people down a mountain strikes. Read more →

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