The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons Review

What can be said of Oracle of Seasons? Widely considered to be the better of the two Oracle games developed by Capcom, it actually started out life as a remake of the very first Zelda game. In fact, the first dungeon and boss character are almost directly taken from the first game. However, the Oracle games became something else in the end, something like Link’s Awakening spinoffs with unfortunate animal cameos (like a boxing kangaroo) and less interesting items. Designed to be more about combat than the puzzle-solving that Ages revolved around, Seasons is a solid Zelda game that also suffers from a few questionable design decisions. Read more →

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages Review

I have seriously mixed feelings about Zelda: Oracle of Ages. It’s a decent enough game, especially given that it was developed by Capcom, but midway through the sixth dungeon things take a turn for the worst and the whole thing becomes nearly unbearable. Playing through this game is like dating someone really attractive who gouges your eyes out for no reason sometimes. Oh yeah, and they have a nicer, more attractive sibling named Oracle of Seasons. Oh, the temptation. Read more →

Lufia: The Legend Returns Review

Lufia: The Legend Returns is basically Lufia 3. It’s also a Game Boy Color game, despite the previous two being on the Super Nintendo, which means that it has about as much “Lufia” in it as fast food has actual food. You bite into this game expecting some delicious Lufia, and *boom,* you get hit with filler and artificial garbage. It’s too bad, because the series seriously deserved better. Read more →

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Review

This review covers both the original and DX versions of Link’s Awakening, since they’re virtually identical save for a few bonus things in the latter and its inability to use the skip screens cheat. There are also an insane amount of spoilers ahead, just in case you’re worried about the having the plot to a 1993 game spoiled. Read more →

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