Soul Calibur 2 Review

The last time I reviewed a Soul Calibur game was in 2012, just a month or so after I started this site. My reviews for Soul Calibur 4 on the PS3 (because my PS3 could still read discs back then) and the Dreamcast original were awful 400-600 word abominations that completely missed the point—as was the case with so many reviews from those days—but while my opinions and review style have evolved over time, there are certain games that I feel as strongly about as I did back then. Case in point, Soul Calibur 2. Awhile back, someone caught me yelling at the game and asked why I was so frustrated given my love of Soul Calibur, to which I instinctively replied, “I love the original, but this is the sequel and I hate this f***ing game.” The fact that I went into both Soul Calibur 2 and its basically identical HD remaster with a totally open mind and came out hating it more than ever speaks volumes about how bad the game really is, and while I’m sure a large number of nostalgia-fueled apologists would be willing to put on their love goggles and argue that I’m wrong about its quality, this is an objectively worse game than what came before and after. Read more →

Battle High 2 A+ Review

Let’s get something out of the way immediately: I’m not good at 2D fighting games and usually avoid them for that reason, preferring to stick with their more roomy 3D counterparts. It’s one of those genres that I’ve always looked upon longingly, though, wishing that it was something I could break into. Really, the only reason I looked into Battle High 2 A+ in the first place is that a poorly spelled user review on its Xbox store page accused it of being “to [sic] easy,” and while that was clearly meant to highlight a perceived shortcoming, it instead signaled that this might be a great starting point for someone like me with no talent for the genre. Having now played through arcade mode with most characters, I can definitely state that this is the case, as going through this game with certain characters allows for moments of triumph that other 2D fighters bury beneath their newbie-unfriendly difficulty curves. The downside, however, is that this game also happens to be indie-raw, sporting a small handful of baffling decisions that conspire to undermine the end experience. There are enough positives here that it feels like a few fresh eyes could come in and polish this into an amazing 2D fighting game for beginners, but it’s not there yet. Read more →

Soul Calibur Review

The Sega Dreamcast is a prime example of the world simply being blind to greatness. To my everlasting shame, I, too, failed to give this system a try until it was too late. In fact, I didn’t buy a Dreamcast until a year or so into the Xbox 360/PS3/Wii generation. Oh, how quickly I learned the error of my ways. Soul Calibur was the second game I experienced on this system, and it still rests in my Dreamcast to this day. Read more →

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