Silver Review

[Update: Apparently the PC version of Silver came out before the Dreamcast version. That’s absolutely mind-boggling to me given just how poorly tailored to the PC platform it is. Still, I’m leaving the original review untouched below as a testament to the PC version of the game being so poor that one could reasonably infer that it suffered from a bad port job rather than just being a shoddy game.]

Silver is a disaster of epic proportions, a 1999 multiplatform game that’s quite possibly the first example of a bad PC port and “consolitis.” Make no mistake—this game was designed for the Dreamcast. Playing it on the PC is technically possible thanks to its awkward port, but so many things were lost and/or worsened in the transition that only the masochistic need apply. For anyone else, it’s far less painful to just bite the bullet and hunt down a used Dreamcast to play the game on, or barring that, accept that the game is far more mediocre than its vocal fans would have you believe and pass on the game altogether. Read more →

Spider-Man Review

Superhero games used to have a proud (slash-shameful) tradition of badness, from the notoriously atrocious Superman 64 to a whole slew of Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man side-scrollers that were nothing short of disastrous. By the turn of the millennium, it was considered common knowledge that an enjoyable superhero game would never be produced. However, Neversoft (of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater fame) somehow managed to cobble together an enjoyable mixture of elements in 2000’s Spider-Man, succeeding where so many others had failed and paving the way for other excellent superhero games. Read more →

Omikron: The Nomad Soul Review

Omikron: The Nomad Soul is a lot like the Titanic, so incredible and awe-inspiringly awesome at first that you tell yourself that it could never sink. Then Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” starts playing on repeat, and you shrug it off, sure that it’ll stop eventually. It never does. Soon you’re desperately clutching at denial, telling yourself that things will eventually become brilliant like the beginning while the boat capsizes and random passengers are thrown off into the icy water. Eventually, as you look down at the hundreds of frozen corpses, many cut into small pieces on the propeller blades of your once-magnificent ship, you realize what you should have known the whole time—this wasn’t as fun of a trip as it was supposed to be. Read more →

Soldier of Fortune Review

The original Soldier of Fortune hasn’t aged well. Some games become better with time, remaining fun to play no matter how dated their mechanics and graphics become, but others age as though they get beaten with the ugly stick on a yearly basis. This is closer to the latter, though it’d be a lie to say that it’s entirely unworthy of your time. Read more →

Soul Calibur Review

The Sega Dreamcast is a prime example of the world simply being blind to greatness. To my everlasting shame, I, too, failed to give this system a try until it was too late. In fact, I didn’t buy a Dreamcast until a year or so into the Xbox 360/PS3/Wii generation. Oh, how quickly I learned the error of my ways. Soul Calibur was the second game I experienced on this system, and it still rests in my Dreamcast to this day. Read more →

Grandia 2 Review

I hate bad voice acting. Grandia 2 has bad voice acting. I love Grandia 2. It may defy logic, but I do believe that voice acting can become so bad that it circles around again and becomes campy and wonderful. If you played the first Grandia game, you’ve probably already experienced this effect. Read more →

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