1080 Snowboarding Review

Snowboarding is one of the many methods fate has used in her never-ending quest to ultimately murder me. Given such a checkered history between the two of us, I was forced to get my lust for frostbite and blinding amounts of the color white out of my system through alternate, less hazardous means. Ten-Eighty Snowboarding is my go-to cure for when the desire to hurdle myself down a mountain strikes, which is only slightly less frequently than when the desire to throw other people down a mountain strikes. Read more →

Fire Emblem Review

The seventh game in the Fire Emblem franchise, Fire Emblem was the first that American audiences were able to experience without having to jump through the flaming hoops of fan translation. Read more →

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Review

It goes down a little something like this: a scene unfolds, during which you, the player, supposedly witness the moment of murder. It’s always murder, by the way. Every case ends up being a murder trial because the world of Phoenix Wright is apparently populated by sociopaths, all of whom possess a penchant for extensive cover-ups to match their outrageously manic-depressive tendencies. Anyway, whatever your preconceptions are from the scene you’re shown, forget them. What you see is never the real story. Read more →

Final Fantasy 8 Review

Deep down inside, I really want to systematically smother the population of the world to death with a pillow. A little deeper, though, is a part of me that loves love stories, and that’s exactly why I’ve beaten this game over a dozen times. In fact, I’ve probably played through this game in its entirety more than 50 times over the years, sometimes beginning a new playthrough immediately after finishing. There’s something about the balance that Final Fantasy 8 strikes between the old and new that I find intoxicating. Read more →

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Review

Let’s get something straight: I have a love for Fire Emblem games that borders on the absurd at times. Read more →

Final Fantasy 8 (PC) Screenshots

Check out my review of the game here: Final Fantasy 8 review

My original Final Fantasy 8 review was a huge mistake. Original written in 2012 on the 25th of March, it was such a poorly written review that I actually thought that filling it with spoilers was a good idea. “Surely people want to have the game spoiled if they’re looking up a review,” I thought. To be fair, March 2012 is when this site started, so I wasn’t only sleep-deprived as I hurried to add as much content as I could to the then-bare site, but also incredibly new to the concept of reviews. It was only later once I had some experience under my belt that I considered going back and rewriting my awful old reviews like the one I had in place for Final Fantasy 8. Naturally, this took over two years because I’m incredibly lazy.

Then Square-Enix re-released Final Fantasy 8 on Steam and I had a good excuse to play through it again. Let me make something incredibly clear: the PC version is poor beyond words. You should avoid is at all costs, instead opting to play the Playstation 1 version. These screenshots, however, are of the PC version. You’ll no doubt notice the ugly blurring that persists throughout the game and that creates a strange kind of disconnectedness between the character models and the world. This isn’t a problem in the vastly-superior PS1 version. Read more →

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