Free Soundfont: “Evil Diadora”

It’s hard to explain why I’m so drawn to making highly distorted soundfonts. I think that I have a serious love for music that mixes noise and melody without losing the important elements of either, though it could just be that I just derive childlike glee from pressing a key and hearing something crazy. Either way, here’s another distorted soundfont that I made. Read more →

Alan Wake Review

Alan Wake is a well-received game by Remedy, who you’re probably already acquainted with thanks to their inimitable Max Payne games. As such, I don’t expect this next bit to make me very popular: Alan Wake is a horrible, horrible mess of a game. I don’t understand what people see in it. Read more →

Alan Wake Screenshots

Check out the review of the game here: Alan Wake Review

Remedy, Remedy, Remedy. Thank you so much for the Max Payne games, but seriously—you screwed up big time with Alan Wake. People in general may love it because of its story, and I’ll concede that the story is good for the most part (though not great, even at its best), but you can’t just throw a bunch of random stuff in and then end the game before there’s any kind of meaningful resolution. There was a huge opportunity for an amazing self-sacrifice ending that would tie everything together and make sense, yet you went with something completely different that borders on the nonsensical.

Leaving lingering questions behind for players to chew on after playing is one thing, but leaving almost everything completely unexplained at the end is storytelling at its absolute worst, being both sloppy and hilariously pretentious. That’s not even mentioning how badly the combat sucks. Read more →

Free Soundfont: “Fuzzychord”

I have a thing for soundfonts—they’re lightweight RAM-wise, incredibly flexible, and best of all, they can work in pretty much any DAW thanks to the prevalence of VST soundfont players. I recommend Cakewalk’s SFZ Player, which I personally use almost always. It doesn’t allow for too much manipulation, but it’s incredibly lightweight. Besides, fancy effects are what plugins are for. Read more →

MegaMan Legends Review

MegaMan Legends (and the nearly identical N64 port, MegaMan 64) is hilariously unappreciated, and there’s really no realistic reason for it to have gotten any less attention or respect than many modern games get. Maybe it was a failure of marketing, or a problem of unmet expectations arising from the many differences between Legends and other Mega Man games. Maybe those who dislike the game are part of a worldwide conspiracy to smother genuinely good games with a pillow of bad reviews in order to reduce all of gaming to cheap Call of Duty knockoffs. Given the amount of unmitigated garbage that’s praised these days by paid-off reviewers and fans whose tongues are stained by shamelessly drinking the Kool-Aid, it’s amazing that a truly unique game like Legends has more or less slipped through the cracks and been lost to history. It deserves better. Read more →

MegaMan Legends Screenshots

Check out the review of the game here: MegaMan Legends Review

MegaMan Legends’ name is commonly written as both Mega Man Legends and Megaman Legends (my personal preference), but the game itself prefers “MegaMan Legends.” The game even references itself as such at one point, so anyone who calls it Mega Man Legends—I’m looking at you, Wikipedia—is wrong and should be punched in the face.

Anyway, I love this game to death. Both the Nintendo 64 version and the Playstation 1 version are amazing and have a colorful and unique art style, and that’s just the cherry on top. There are also upgrades, wonderfully cheesy dialogue, a real sense of exploration, and so much more that makes this game unforgettable. Read more →

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