Lufia: The Legend Returns Review

Lufia: The Legend Returns is basically Lufia 3. It’s also a Game Boy Color game, despite the previous two being on the Super Nintendo, which means that it has about as much “Lufia” in it as fast food has actual food. You bite into this game expecting some delicious Lufia, and *boom,* you get hit with filler and artificial garbage. It’s too bad, because the series seriously deserved better. Read more →

Grandia 2 Review

I hate bad voice acting. Grandia 2 has bad voice acting. I love Grandia 2. It may defy logic, but I do believe that voice acting can become so bad that it circles around again and becomes campy and wonderful. If you played the first Grandia game, you’ve probably already experienced this effect. Read more →

Fire Emblem Review

The seventh game in the Fire Emblem franchise, Fire Emblem was the first that American audiences were able to experience without having to jump through the flaming hoops of fan translation. Read more →

Skies of Arcadia Review

JRPGs are really a tale of two cities. In one city, a bunch of witty, genuinely enjoyable games sit patiently, just waiting to be loved. In the other city, the games are filled with so many cliches and obnoxious caricatures that they’re looting and wrecking up the place. Skies of Arcadia for the Dreamcast is very much the latter. Read more →

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