Wild Arms Review

After greatly enjoying several of Media.Vision’s iOS offerings, I began to grow more interested in their earlier games—especially the Wild Arms series that they’re apparently (according to wikipedia) primarily known for. Wild Arms was said to be a western-themed jRPG, and the whole thing sounded unique enough that I put other games on hold and tracked down a copy of the first game. After all, it’s a game for my beloved Playstation 1. What could possibly go wrong? Read more →

MegaMan Legends Review

MegaMan Legends (and the nearly identical N64 port, MegaMan 64) is hilariously unappreciated, and there’s really no realistic reason for it to have gotten any less attention or respect than many modern games get. Maybe it was a failure of marketing, or a problem of unmet expectations arising from the many differences between Legends and other Mega Man games. Maybe those who dislike the game are part of a worldwide conspiracy to smother genuinely good games with a pillow of bad reviews in order to reduce all of gaming to cheap Call of Duty knockoffs. Given the amount of unmitigated garbage that’s praised these days by paid-off reviewers and fans whose tongues are stained by shamelessly drinking the Kool-Aid, it’s amazing that a truly unique game like Legends has more or less slipped through the cracks and been lost to history. It deserves better. Read more →

King of Dragon Pass Review

I’ve had a string of bad luck choosing games lately, so I was looking for something to review that I knew I’d end up liking. King of Dragon Pass seemed to fit the bill, resembling a choose-your-own-adventure book in a lot of ways. Truth be told, I picked this up knowing next to nothing about it beyond that. It may not have ended up being what I initially expected, but it’s definitely one of those special games that far too few people have heard of. Read more →

Arkanoid: Doh It Again Review

I don’t know what Arkanoid is about. I really don’t. It has a story, and I’ve even beaten the game and seen the whole story once or twice thanks to some luck and perseverance, but none of it sticks with you. All I remember is that the enemy is named Doh, and he manifests as a giant space face that you have to defeat by hitting him with balls. For real. Read more →

Fallout Review

Fallout is one of those series that’s just so good. It’s more reactive than a nuclear reactor, subtler than a tiptoeing ninja, and smoother than Fonzie covered in lotion. The original game is also easier to get into than most who have passed on the first two games might think. Read more →

Sword of Hope 2 Review

There’s just something about system limitations that brings out something special in gaming; as soon as developers were able to fill their games with pretty cutscenes and flashy graphics, gaming sacrificed its soul to upgrade to that sleeker, flashier style. However, there are games from the past—flawed games working within serious limitations—that still stand to remind us of what made gaming so great in the first place. Sword of Hope 2 is one of those games, so absurd and memorable that even the decade that separated my last two playthroughs couldn’t erode my memory of it. Even better, it’s one of those sequels that doesn’t require any knowledge of the previous game. Read more →

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