Spate Review

As much as I want to, I can’t recommend Spate. I kind of will anyway, though, because I’m of two minds about it. On the one hand, it evokes bad memories of Never Alone in the sense that actually playing it is kind of boring and frustrating due to prevalent bugs. On the other hand, I’m an insane person and can appreciate a game filled with completely random floating top hats and other such weirdness. It’s not an expensive game these days by any stretch of the imagination, either, so while I can’t really recommend it to anyone who isn’t completely detached from reality (this game should come with a “you must be this abnormal to enjoy Spate” disclaimer), it’d also be a lie to say that I didn’t enjoy it on a certain level. Read more →

Spate Screenshots

I can definitely see what Spate was going for. I even like the aesthetic and the way the story ended up resolving. That having been said, there are just too many flaws here to recommend it; as I’m writing this, it’s been out for over two years, and yet there are still a number of spelling problems and weird physics bugs, not to mention a number of occasions where the game seemingly forgets to include puzzles or obstacles. Basically, Spate alternates between being a walking simulator and a platformer, and the gameplay reminded me of Never Alone in too many ugly ways. But hey, I liked the world and the story well enough despite the whole thing only lasting a little over an hour, so a sequel could be interesting. Read more →

Kirby Super Star Review

I haven’t reviewed a Kirby game since Kirby’s Dream Land, and that was way back in the first month of this site’s existence, back when I still tagged reviews as “spoilers” and “non-spoilers” because it never occurred to me that the former was an extraordinarily bad idea. Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking, either. Those days are long gone now, and so it’s strange to suddenly delve back into something Kirby-related. Super Star is a game I’ve owned for a long, long time, though, and I was curious to see how well it’s held up since I played it last (I must have left it unplayed for something like a decade). The answer is “surprisingly well, with one or two caveats,” and it’s made all the more worthwhile by the fact that you can see the mechanics and franchises that would eventually coalesce into Super Smash Bros starting to come together here. Read more →

Kirby Super Star Screenshots

It’s kind of weird to try and talk about Kirby Super Star because I don’t review many Super Nintendo games anymore. Basically, I’m running out of SNES games I actually own and have been rationing them for those rainy days when I don’t feel like playing through something more modern. It’s been a bit of a rainy month (metaphorically speaking, at least—it’s been so oppressively hot outside that I’d sacrifice my friends to some kind of ancient rain god if I truly believed it would cool things down), though, and I felt like going back and replaying Kirby Super Star. I’d forgotten just how enjoyable it is. Now, I hated on the very first Kirby game way back in this site’s early days, and I stand by it not really being a good game, but Super Star is so thoroughly weird that it still holds up for the most part. It’s also yet another example of a platforming game that includes a mandatory side-scrolling shooter level for no real reason. That’s a bizarre trend that’s lasted over 20 years. Read more →

Amazing Breaker Review

Whenever I play through something really good or really bad, it always becomes hard to decide what game to move on to next. Sometimes the thought of finding a better version of something similar is tempting, but I usually prefer to veer into a completely different (and most often simpler) genre, and that’s how I ended up playing through Amazing Breaker again; I’ve played through this game a couple of times in the past after picking it up from Amazon back when they still did their free app of the day promotions that made paid apps free for a short time, and while most of the available apps were a waste of time, there were also occasional gems like this that I’d have otherwise ignored. Amazing Breaker is just a weirdly addictive game that it becomes easy to lose chunks of time to. It has a few problems and one troublesome (potential) skeleton in its closet, of course, but at the same time, it only costs a dollar for a base game that comes with 120 entertaining levels. That makes it easy to forgive. Read more →

Amazing Breaker Screenshots

The last game I played was rage-inducingly bad, and the few games that reach that level of badness always knock me off-kilter for awhile. What do you play after something so crushingly disappointing? I tend to gravitate toward simple games that don’t require much of an investment, but none of them caught my eye until I remembered this little Android game called Amazing Breaker that I picked up in an Amazon promotion. I’d played through it twice before and really came to appreciate how well made it was, and while it certainly has its problems, that doesn’t take away from it being an addictive little gem that costs almost nothing. Read more →

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