Costume Quest 2 Review

Costume Quest 2 is a great example of a sequel that improves on its predecessor in virtually every way. That’s not to say that it’s entirely flaw-free, but the problems from the first game have been largely minimized in such a way that it’s a much more fulfilling experience than the already-worthwhile original. That said, much of the game will be instantly familiar to those who have played the first game: a large part of gameplay still consists of going house to house trick-or-treating for candy to progress, the combat is still jRPG-inspired, and the overall game still has a distinct sense of humor that you won’t find anywhere else. Read more →

Costume Quest 2 Screenshots

The first Costume Quest is a great game, but Costume Quest 2 is even better. Not only is the humor still present, but many of the first’s issues with repetitiveness and twitch-based QTEs have been addressed. Granted, both problems are still present in some form, but they do less to diminish the overall experience than in the first game. In Costume Quest 2, everything comes together to create a much more solid game than the first entry despite a huge number of similarities between the two. Read more →

The history of #Gamergate (sans emotion)

I’ve been a supporter of #Gamergate from the very beginning (consider this a disclaimer), and despite some rocky moments and problematic fellow members, I remain a staunch supporter. However, there’s been so much misinformation, noise, and emotion coming out of both sides of the debate that newcomers are bound to be either confused or misled by how we actually got to this point. Since I haven’t seen anyone else attempt to fairly cover the events that started Gamergate and the wins and losses on both sides, I figured I’d do it myself in as unbiased a manner as possible. This is bound to be long, but bear with me—it’s important to understand the whole thing if we’re all going to have a meaningful conversation on the topic. Read more →

Save files: Arkham Asylum

I love me some Batman, and while Arkham Asylum isn’t really my favorite game ever, I made sure to appease my inner compulsive save hoarder and back up my saves at several points. Like I said when I posted my Remember Me saves—I don’t know how often I’ll be able to post saves like this. Playing through a game for the first time means not knowing the ideal points to back up, which makes it a really tedious process compared to backing up saves when replaying a game. Since I try to post at least one review per week for this site, though, I don’t often have enough time to replay games, so a lot of times my backups aren’t very useful. Even when they are, though, I’m still limited by this site’s bandwidth limitations. That said, this archive is especially thorough, containing something like 75 saves that chronicle just about every major thing that happens in the game. Read more →

Batman: Arkham Asylum Review

As much as I love Batman, I can’t bring myself to enjoy Arkham Asylum. Yes, the freeflow combat system is interesting. Yes, it’s nice to go up against an array of Batman villains. Yes, the lighting and graphics are surprisingly solid for a 2009 game. None of that makes up for the game’s poor pacing, weird mechanics, lengthy sections of tedium, trial-and-error mechanics that often only explain how to succeed at a section once you fail, and awkwardly linear design that ensures that you rarely have more than one or two ways to approach a situation. I made sure to install both Arkham Asylum and its sequel Arkham City in order to develop a better understanding of what makes City the superior experience, and the two are truly night and day. It’s amazing how much was improved in the sequel. Read more →

Batman: Arkham Asylum Screenshots

October is finally here, and with it, a spattering of newer releases such as Costume Quest 2 and Final Fantasy XIII for the PC (which is helpful since my PS3’s disc drive gave up the ghost). However, I had a week or so to kill before those games actually came out, so I decided to revisit Arkham Asylum, a game that I had only played through once. That playthrough hardly counts, though, as I found the combat and story so mediocre that I ended up using a cheat to get through the game. This time, I was sure to rely on nothing but my own skill, but despite being more of a “hardcore” gamer than I was when I first played through the game, my impressions of it remained the same. I love Batman beyond words, and Arkham City is one of my all-time favorite games, but Asylum is awkward in every sense of the word, the series’ forgettable baby steps notable only for eventually leading to City. Read more →

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