MechaNika Review

Two of the things I never used to like or understand were mobile games and adventure games. The former was owing largely to the impression awful, over-hyped messes like the Infinity Blade games left on me, while the latter mostly came down to a lack of experience. What a strange turn of events, then, that I’d end up finding so many hidden Android gems, and that one of them would be a bizarre adventure game centered around a lovably disaffected cocoa-and-cognac-drinking 7 year-old named Nika who resolves to build a giant robot and purge the world of the things and people she doesn’t like. Read more →

MechaNika Screenshots

Of all the alcohol-drinking, world-conquering 7 year-olds I know, Nika is my favorite. Also, the only one I know of. MechaNika is a weird Android adventure game where you guide the main character as she runs around her town acquiring the components necessary for completing her project (which just happens to be building a giant robot to take over the world with). Really, the only downside to the game apart from the rare mis-taps inherent to touch controls would be the game’s short length, but even that doesn’t count much since the game only costs 2 dollars. Read more →

Save files: Freedom Planet

Finishing Freedom Planet in either classic or adventure mode gives you the ability to jump back to any stage you played during that character’s playthrough. As such, it may seem like I’m including a needless number of saves, but I know that a finished file and a file that’s only to a certain level are totally different things to some people. I know this because I’m one of those people. Read more →

Save files: The Cursed Crusade

Sometimes I make a bunch of saves not because I want to relive part of a good game, but because a game is so terrible that I don’t want to have to play through it again to get video of a specific part that struck me as being especially atrocious. Or, as sometimes is the case, maybe I want to be able to jump to certain dialogue to back up my opinion that some games’ stories make absolutely no sense. In The Cursed Crusade’s case, I made a bunch of saves to try and counter the ugliness of the save system and to avoid having to replay certain less-than-wonderful sections of the game. Consider it a gift from me to you that you can download these and not have to actually play through the entire painfully un-fun game. Read more →

Save files: Arkham City

For some reason, I uploaded a 7-zipped archive of Arkham City saves and never got around to actually posting a link to them. They’re below in case you want to skip ahead of the story straight to certain feats of Batmannery or Catwomannery. Read more →

Pillars of Eternity Review

I won’t pretend to have had much of an interest in Pillars of Eternity before its release. While Infinity Engine games like Baldur’s Gate 2 and Planescape: Torment are among my favorites, they’re balanced out somewhat by the more boring and tedious Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale that are too focused on the mechanics to do anything particularly interesting. As such, I figured Pillars of Eternity to be a predictable traipse through the same sorts of identical-looking forests and phoned-in stories that games like the original Baldur’s Gate suffered from. While Pillars is definitely not anything near a perfect experience, I’m glad to say that I was totally wrong about that. Read more →

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